Tuesday's Workshops

Be A Human Rights Lawyer With National Justice Museum

What do we mean when we talk about Human Rights? Join inspirational professionals from the National Justice Museum for an insight into this important topic, and take part in a debate based around a real human rights case that was decided by the UK Supreme Court.

Creative Journalling

Start your own creative journal, including techniques such as sketching, watercolour, creative writing and calligraphy. This hands-on workshop will be led by Purnima Panchal who is a creative art enthusiast with a strong interest in Art and Design with over 20 years experience.

Arabic Calligraphy 

Use hand-cut bamboo pens and hand-mixed ink to experiment with the art of Arabic Calligraphy under the direction of artist and calligrapher Razwan Ul-Haq.

Bamboo Construction

Learn all about the benefits of bamboo construction, and build your very own geodesic dome!

Stand-Up Comedy

Learn the basics of stand-up comedy with freelance writer and stand-up comedian Joy Hunter.

Virtual Reality

Join the team from Matrix Virtual Reality and explore the world of VR. Try out different VR headsets, learn about real world applications of this exciting new technology, explore and build 360 worlds, and compete against your friends in one of the most popular games in VR: Beatsaber.

The Festival On The Close Podcast: Presenting With Angela Lamont

In this workshop, you’ll get to design, record and shape a podcast for broadcast, whilst learning tips, tricks and hacks to get it sounding professional. After deciding on your content, you’ll record it and then we’ll use ‘post-production magic’ to add the soundtracks, beds, fades, stings and jingles to turn it into a podcast ready for broadcast. So whether you’re an ‘ideas’ person, an up-and-coming presenter or you just like messing with audio, come along and get some BBC-tips to get you sounding professional.

Samba Percussion With Sugardog

Adrian Wiggins (aka Sugardog) is an experienced session musician who specialises in a multitude of instruments. He will lead you in a lively, interactive workshop exploring the world of samba percussion.

Circus Skills With Circo Rum Baba

Circo Rum Ba Ba is an exuberant troupe of all women performers who bring extraordinary spectacle and performance into unconventional settings. Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling show. Join members of their troupe and learn some performance and circus skills.


Try your hand at this traditional Gaelic form of dancing to get you ready for next Hogmanay!

Belly Dancing

Learn a new routine as you take part in a fun workshop exploring the art form of belly dancing. Guaranteed to leave you smiling!


Anyone of any level can come grab a ukulele and explore playing booths and single note melodies with Rugby School's Geoff Tooley.

Free Dreaming: T-Shirt Doodles

Draw your own doodles and designs onto t-shirts, and walk away with your own bespoke piece of clothing.

Gamelan Orchestra

Gamelan is an orchestra type that originated from the islands of Java and Bali, in Indonesia. Consisting of several varieties of gongs and tuned metal instruments, this is your chance to experience and create this unique style of music. This workshop is open to all, whatever your level of musical ability. The straightforward playing technique of these instruments makes them instantly accessible to everyone. Learning to play enriches many areas of music-making and the emphasis on playing together as a group reinforces the importance of community over individual values.

Air Propelled Rockets

Let's go fly a rocket! Build a mini-rocket and compete for whose can fly the farthest.

Agar Art

Learn to use science creatively as you paint with microbes in a workshop from Rugby School’s head of Biology.

Escape The Lab With Cancer Research UK

Join our charity partners, Cancer Research UK for an escape room with a twist! The work of a team of cancer researchers is the focus of this special escape room game.

Medical Biology: Brain Dissections

Learn about the fascinating world of neuroscience with Dr Guy Sutton. He'll deliver an interactive lecture, featuring the dissection of a sheep's brain. …Not for the squeamish!

Dr Guy Sutton is Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychiatry at University of Nottingham and has held previous academic appointments and Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan and Cambridge Universities. 

The Great Lipogram Challenge

Could you write a story without using the letter E? A poem without using the letter S? Take part in a series of writing challenges, all involving rules and constraints.

Central to this workshop will be the lipogram challenge in which participants have to rewrite a famous fairytale without some vowels.

Silk Scarf Printing

A vibrant, hands-on workshop, giving you the chance to play with different colours and techniques to design and decorate your very own silk scarf.

Why Casablanca Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

Calling film buffs! Grab some popcorn and watch one of the greatest movies of all time.

Introduction To Playwriting

With Sober Riot Theatre

Sober Riot Theatre are an emerging theatre company, dedicated to cooking up exciting new work. Take part in a variety of writing exercises led by the company and take your first steps in penning your own play. 

Devising Theatre

With Rosa Higgs

Learn how to devise original drama, working alongside theatre director Rosa Higgs.

Performing with LIPA

An incredible opportunity to learn performance skills from educators from the prestigious drama school Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).

Poetry Writing

Explore the art of poetry, spoken word and creative writing.

Cafe Vin Cinq

Put your culinary skills to the test! Professional chefs from Rugby's Cafe Vin Cinq will guide you through a gourmet workshop.

Tap Boy

Filmmaker, actor and director Will Kenning introduces his award-winning film Tap Boy with one of the fi;m's stars Craig Scott. Find out about the process of filmmaking, get the chance to do a screen-test with director and learn some of the tap dance moves from the film. Contains mature themes including county lines, drug use and violence.

Rom Coms

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. And sexual orientation and gender variations on that theme… How does it happen? What can go wrong? Having gone wrong, how can it go right again? Come to this session on great film romantic comedies and see how Hollywood deals with these questions. Then plot your own romantic comedy, based in Rugby School or town centre!

Power Of Bagpipes

An insight into all aspects of the The Great Highland Bagpipe and Highland Drumming. From the instrument’s humble beginnings, to their military importance during decisive battles, great wars and on up to the modern day.

Soccer Refereeing

An introduction to understanding the basics of soccer refereeing with Lee Shepherd.


Get to grips with the basics of French boules game, pétanque!

Steel Pan Drumming

With Impact

Learn to play steelpan music with Coventry’s very own Impact Steelband.

Table Tennis

Step up to the table and show off your table tennis skills! Learn technique and challenge your friends as we search for the festival's table tennis champion.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Whether you're the next Elphaba, a future Jean Valjean, or an ensemble player, this workshop will give you the chance to explore your west end ambitions.

Show Racism The Red Card

An anti-racism workshop followed by a football game, led by the UK's largest anti-racism educational charity.

Surrealist Games

Expect things to get strange in this workshop featuring a range of surreal fun and games.

Einstein: Creative Genius

An inspiring talk exploring the creative side of Albert Einstein.

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