Sit in on a Court Case With National Justice Museum

In this interactive courtroom workshop, students will take on the roles of Judge, Clerk, Usher, Witnesses, the Jury, Barristers and Solicitors to examine the historical case of Emmeline Pankhurst. Learn about the founding member of the WSPU and get ready to present a trial based on the evidence found.

Vamos Theatre Presents Mask Performing Workshop

This engaging and fast-paced full mask workshop provides an introduction into mask theatre by the UKs leading full mask Theatre Company, showing how to create characters, develop clarity in communication and devise original mask work.

Magic Workshop with Angus Baskerville

Learn magic with a professional magician and mind reader featured recently on ITV News & Autism's Got Talent! In this workshop, Angus will share his secrets and teach magic tricks that will captivate your friends and family; come and learn magic and it may just change your life in ways you would not have imagined!

Theatre that Moves

Award winning Highly Sprung Performance present empowering, thought provoking and playful physical theatre workshops that explore the theme ‘a fine disregard of the rules’ through contact work, lifts, ensemble, devising choreography and story-telling.

Playful Sounds: Music Technology

A music production workshop to create your own musical masterpiece. Create your own music in Logic Pro x and experiment with drum machines, keyboards and samples. Receive song-writing tips from artist Nicole Justice before having the opportunity to record your vocals.

Get Curious with Ascension Dance

Always wanted to try parkour? Join this creative workshop using set and movement inspired by free running to tackle the theme of curiosity taught by dancers trained in rock climbing, parkour, trampolining, gymnastics and more!

Berkoff in Practice

Steven Berkoff’s style of writing and performance commands the actor to use all their powers of imagination and physicality. So unique is his work, it has even coined the term ‘Berkovian’. Discover script extracts and physical storytelling challenges in this workshop, led by actor Stephen Smith.

Move with Motionhouse

Creators of world class dance-circus productions, internationally acclaimed Motionhouse are coming to Rugby to deliver a fantastic dance workshop to get your body moving and your creative minds thinking.

Arabic Calligraphy 

Use hand-cut bamboo pens and hand-mixed ink to experiment with the beautiful artistic practice of the Arabic Calligraphy under the direction of artist and calligrapher Razwan Ul-Haq.

Comic Book Illustration

Enhance your creativity by joining professional illustrator, Jessica Hartshorn to explore the dynamic multiverse of comic books. Develop a character, storyboard your ideas and explore composition in this interactive workshop.   

Focaccia Bread Making

Explore all things Focaccia, the delicious light Italian bread - cousin of the pizza! 

You’ll learn to make it and choose interesting toppings & flavours. There will also be plenty of time at the end for tasting! 

Gilbert Rugby Ball Painting

As Rugby celebrates the game’s bicentenary, let’s commemorate the event by painting on canvas board your very own unique Gilbert® Rugby ball to take home and frame, with exhibiting artist Rebecca Jane. At the end of the workshop you will create a special piece altogether using your hands and left-over paint.


Anyone of any level, musician or non-musician can come grab a ukulele and explore playing booths and single note melodies with Rugby School's Geoff Tooley.

Rock Up! For Tips and Tricks

Experience world class drumming in this workshop. Each participant will sit at their own practice pad in which to play alongside the creative director of Palace Drum Clinic, Matt Green. Improve technique, practice methods, learn tricks of the trade, ending in a Q & A session.

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Enhance rhythmic and improvisational skills by learning a traditional piece of Brazilian Samba batucada and the cultural and historical aspects of the genre in a interactive and playful way.

Tie-dye T-shirts

Learn an assortment of tye-die techniques and put them into practice as you create your own groovy designs to take away with you.

Acting, Improvisation and Making Your Own Work

Create and develop your own characters. Experiment through improvisation to learn how these characters interact with one another, playing with status, relationship and given circumstance. This will then lead to longer form improvisations to discover how characters interact and exist within narrative.

Cryptic Crosswords

Unleash your inner geek at this, the most uncool workshop in the entire festival.  Learn how to avoid social interaction and retreat from the real world as you take the first steps in an addiction that could blight your entire life.

Medical Biology: Brain Dissections

Learn about the fascinating world of neuroscience with Dr Guy Sutton, Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor in Division of Psychiatry at University of Nottingham. He'll deliver an interactive lecture, featuring the dissection of a sheep's brain....Not for the squeamish!

Shakespeare in Action

Working in conjunction with Mark Stratford’s one man show Macready! Dickens' Theatrical Friend, we will work practically on a selection of scenes and characters from Shakespeare's vast catalogue in a fun, interactive and playful way.


Get your creativity flowing working with our poet in Residence, Cecelia Knapp, as she inspires and excites new poetry from your pen tip.

T-shirt Printing

Got an eye for design? Fancy putting your illustrations and doodles onto t-shirts? Join this t-shirt printing workshop to turn your ideas into reality and walk away with a unique item of clothing.

Letting Nature Grow Wild

Enjoy a "fine disregard for the rules" of nature and gardening, which traditionally dictate neatly cut lawns, but this doesn't provide a good habitat for wildlife. Explore how biodiversity can be increased through wildflower planting and the benefits this has for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Collaborative Crochet

Join our collaborative crochet project as we work together to create. Practice the art of crochet as you make your own coaster to take away with you too.

Puppetry with Dragons

Puppetry meets 'How to Train Your Dragon' in this exciting workshop exploring movement, drama and improvisation with a 10 metre dragon puppet.

Bollywood Dancing

Fuse your love for movement and drama whilst learning about the basics of Bollywood Dancing. Get ready for dramatic facial expressions and cinematic pizazz as you learn traditional movements originating from India's numerous dance forms.

Launch a Rocket

Ground control to Major Tom! Through the beauty of physics, learn how to construct and fire a rocket. Compete with your peers to see who can reach the highest heights.


Find a sense of calm, peace and balance in this workshop. Explore basic Buddhist thought and philosophy and guided meditation, with different activities to cater for every age. Breathe, stay focused and come along!

Rugby School Archive

Something has been taken from the museum and we need to find it! Groups will need to solve a series of puzzles to work out what has been taken, who took it and where it is hidden.

Clowning with Sam Gibbs

In Clowning participants will explore fundamentals of clowning and find freedom in finding the game, and breaking the rules! The workshop will be playful, challenging, and accessible for all by telling stories in new and fun ways.

Show Racism The Red Card

An anti-racism workshop followed by a football game, led by the UK's largest anti-racism educational charity.

Why Top Gun Is The Greatest Film Of All Time

Calling film buffs! Grab some popcorn and watch one of the greatest movies of all time, Top Gun!

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety  

Navigate your way through big emotions when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. You will learn about guided breathwork and EFT tapping, techniques you can take away and put into practice to restore calm and balance. 

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