Rugby School Service Day, as part of Festival on The Close, marks the culmination of our Rugby 360 year, providing an opportunity for students to give back to both the local and wider communities that have supported them throughout the year.

Rugby 360 aims to embody ‘The Whole Person’ ethos, with a refined focus and understanding of the altruistic behaviours associated with service provision.

At Rugby, every student participates in Service activities, fostering a sense of perspective and empathy for those around them. Integral to the Rugby 360 programme, we emphasize the importance of giving back, focusing on the value of time and attention over financial contributions. We aim to instil lifelong ideals of altruism in our students. Service Day takes place on Thursday 27th June and is a key part of 'Festival on The Close' to showcase a variety of activities and events. Year 12 students lead these events, acting as workshop leaders and chaperones for over 850 local primary school children. Through the First Schools Teaching Programme, also part of Rugby 360, Year 12 students have gained valuable experience working in local schools, preparing them for a busy day of workshops in Performing Arts, Languages, Classics, Design, Sports, Art, Engineering, Maths, Humanities, and Science. We learn from each other, and we learn together.  


Students in Year 11 will be volunteering in various locations across the country. Some will head to the Peak District to support a conservation project aimed at expanding a biodiverse forest. Some will partner with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to enhance local biodiversity. Some will work with HEaRT (Hillmorton and East Rugby Together Community Group) again developing biodiversity locally. Others will work on maintenance projects at local National Trust properties such as Packwood House and Coughton Court. Students will also be engaging in a river clean on the river Leam. These experiences allow Rugby School students to travel widely, offering help and gaining valuable insights when taking action in our community. Year 10 students will culminate their year of CCF adventures with one final expedition. Meanwhile, Year 9 students will participate in a 'Giving Back to Their House Day.' They will work alongside their Matron and House staff, gaining a deeper understanding of their roles and assisting with their duties. Activities for the Year 9 students may include collaborating with House chefs to make snacks, cleaning the dining hall and learning practical skills such as sewing on a button and ironing a shirt. They will also be working with the gardening team promoting the diverse plant life within their House gardens.