Routes 2021

Workshop Routes

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All Day and Performers’ Options
***Performers Only: Guitar Concert***
***Performers Only: Canzona***
All Day A: Gecko
Afternoon B: Show Racism the Red Card
Afternoon C: Screen Masterclass
Afternoon D: Stand Up Comedy with Ken Cheng
Main Routes
Route E: Screen Printing & Chinese Dance
Route F: Chocolate Science & Screen Printing
Route G: CircusMASH & Chocolate Science
Route H: Pizza Time & Graffiti Stars
Route I: Jewellery & Bollywood
Route J: The Incredible Machine & Cardboard Cities
Route K: Citizen Kane & Wildcard Theatre
Route L: Wildcard Theatre & Creative Writing with Caroline Bird
Route M: Chinese Dance & Spanish Cooking Club
Route N: CircusMASH & Pizza Time
Route O: Guitar Concert & The Incredible Machine
Route P: Youth Activism & Filth Florists
Route Q: Filth Florists & Watercolour Collaging with Eve Delaney
Route R: Calligraphy & Meditation
Route S: Stop-Motion Animation & Bushcraft
Route T: Meditation & Extreme Table Tennis
Route U: Agar Art & Tesserae: Roman Mosaics
Route V: Tesserae: Roman Mosaics & Calligraphy
Route W: Trampolining & CircusMASH
Route X: Wand Combat & Raft building
Route Y: Parkour & CircusMASH
Route Z: Graffiti & Parkour
Route AA: Bollywood & Motionhouse
Route AB: Spanish Cooking Club & Agar Art
Route AC: Watercolour Collaging with Eve Delaney & Citizen Kane
Route AD: Bushcraft & Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners
Route AE: Drag with King Hoberon & Youth Activism
Route AF: Creative Writing with Caroline Bird & Drag with King Hoberon
Route AG: Raftbuilding & Trampolining
Route AH: Guitar Concert & What’s a Green Urn?
Route AI: Cardboard Cities & Jewellery
Route AJ: Motionhouse & Wand Combat
Route AK: Extreme Table Tennis & Middle Eastern Dance


All Day and Performers’ Options
***Participants Only: Fashion Show***
***Performers Only: RBC Leap Ensemble***
***Performers Only: James Gilchrist***
***Performers Only: Nathan Williamson***
Main Routes
Route A: Tie Dye & Fashion Show
Route B: Fashion Show & Feathers of Daedalus Circus
Route C: Fashion Show & Rollerskiing
Route D: Devising with Wardrobe Ensemble & Puppetry
Route E: Ceilidh & DJ School UK
Route F: Clowning & Motionhouse
Route G: Motionhouse & Wrestling
Route H: Political Art Installation & Stop-Motion Animation
Route I: Why The One You Like… & Kitchen Chemistry
Route J: Ukelele & Perspex Art with Jessica Hartshorn
Route K: Perspex Art with Jessica Hartshorn & Sweet Art Patisserie
Route L: Chemistry Behind Wine & Ballet with Laura Tye
Route M: Why The One You Like…& One Man Band
Route N: Rugby Unwrapped & Gender, Sexuality, and Identity
Route O: Radio Presenting & Devising with Wardrobe Ensemble
Route P: DJ School UK & Radio Presenting
Route Q: Sweet Art Patisserie & Tie Dye
Route R: Rollerskiing & RBC Leap Ensemble
Route S: Ballet with Laura Tye & Sword Stage Combat
Route T: Gender and Identity & Political Art Installation
Route U: Kitchen Chemistry & Why The One You Like…
Route V: Sword Stage Combat & Slime
Route W: Rugby Real Bread & RBC Leap Ensemble
Route X: Puppetry & Ukelele
Route Y: Wrestling & Fashion Show
Route Z: Raftbuilding & Science Behind Wine
Route AA: Slime & Why The One You Like…
Route AB: Sheep, Spinning, Suits… & Rugby Real Bread
Route AC: One Man Band & Clowning
Route AD: Stop-Motion Animation & Sheep, Spinning, Suits…
Route AE: Upcycling Vintage & Rugby Unwrapped
Route AF: Feathers of Daedalus Circus & Upcycling Vintage
Route AG: Fashion Show & Why The One You Like…
Route AH: Why The One You Like… & Middle Eastern Dance
Route AI: Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners & Ceilidh
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