Wednesday's Workshops


Anyone of any level can come grab a ukulele and explore playing booths and single note melodies with Rugby School's Geoff Tooley.

Free Dreaming: T-Shirt Doodles

Draw your own doodles and designs onto t-shirts, and walk away with your own bespoke piece of clothing.

Homeless Monopoly

With Coventry Univesity, University of Warwick and Coventry Cyrenians

This workshop features a playful session using the GameChangers’ Homeless Monopoly (giant) board game. The game was developed as a collaboration between Coventry University, the University of Warwick, and Coventry Cyrenians. Participants will be able to experience a playful approach to understanding and tackling serious and important issues concerning homelessness.

Gamelan Orchestra

Gamelan is an orchestra type that originated from the islands of Java and Bali, in Indonesia. Consisting of several varieties of gongs and tuned metal instruments, this is your chance to experience and create this unique style of music. This workshop is open to all, whatever your level of musical ability. The straightforward playing technique of these instruments makes them instantly accessible to everyone. Learning to play enriches many areas of music-making and the emphasis on playing together as a group reinforces the importance of community over individual values.

The Great Lipogram Challenge

Could you write a story without using the letter E? A poem without using the letter S? Take part in a series of writing challenges, all involving rules and constraints.

Central to this workshop will be the lipogram challenge in which participants have to rewrite a famous fairytale without some vowels.

Bollywood Dancing

Life is happy when you dance! Bollywood dancing is a blend of various dance forms like Kathak, Bhangra, Garba, and Lavni to name a few.. In the festival Bollywood dance workshop, we will learn about Garba. Garba is a dance rhythm from the state of Gujarat and is performed mainly during the festival of Navratri to worship the Goddess. It is a fun dance performed in a circle with lot of clapping and going in and out of the circle. This is a great way to escape from stress and stay fit.


An exploration of the performance portfolio of workshop provider Edward Bennett.

Screenprint T-shirts

Learn about different printing techniques, and screenprint a design onto a t-shirt.

Power Of Bagpipes

An insight into all aspects of the The Great Highland Bagpipe and Highland Drumming. From the instrument’s humble beginnings, to their military importance during decisive battles, great wars and on up to the modern day.


Get to grips with the basics of French boules game, pétanque!

Shakespeare and Rhetoric

With Edward Bennett

Join Edward Bennett, known for his acting work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and across stage and screen, for an introduction to performing the texts of Shakespeare.

Musical Theatre Workshop

Whether you're the next Elphaba, a future Jean Valjean, or an unforgettable ensemble performer, this workshop will give you the chance to explore your west end ambitions.

Stage Combat: Swords

With Squire Combat

Experience all the thrill of dramatic sword fights without any of the danger in this stage combat workshop by Squire Combat.

Bridge Building

Are triangles the most structurally sound shape to work with? How do shapes determine the strength of a bridge? How do you make a cantilever, suspension or bascule bridges? This workshop will show you how, with its mixture of design and maths you will get to build your very own bridge and see if it passes the final weight test.

Jam Jar Floristry

With Filth Florists

Floristry is an art form that plays with colour, texture and shape. Join contemporary flower studio Filth Florists for an introduction to this creative skill, and put together your own everlasting dried posy arrangement.

Playful Sounds: Music Production

Join Amber Music Group in a fun and unique music production workshop. You will get the opportunity to create your own music in Logic Pro x and experiment with drum machines, keyboards, and samples. You’ll be given songwriting tips from artist Nicole Justice. Once you’ve created your masterpiece you’ll also be given the opportunity to record your vocals.

Surrealist Games

Expect things to get strange in this workshop featuring a range of surreal fun and games.


With Nagarjuna Kadampa

Rugby's own Nagarjuna Kadampa Centre for Modern Buddhism hold an introductory session to meditation and how these mindful practices and techniques can be used in everyday life.

Graphic Score

Explore this innovative approach to creating music.

Morris Dancing

Discover one of English folk history’s finest traditions with live band Frolicking Pete and the Fumbling Fingers. Have fun, increase your fitness and improve your movement skills in this energetic workshop.

Mechanical Engineering

Join two engineers from Imperial College London for a session on design and manufacture. Try and build the strongest structure out of materials and use maths and physics to find out how to improve.


Learn how to design a building to a project brief, build a model to scale, and work within environmental factors in this creative and hands-on workshop.

Wand Combat

Expelliarmus! Professional screen and stage fight director Sam Kahn shows us the ropes of wand combat. One for the Harry Potter fans out there!

Wand Making

We expecto patronum to see you at this brilliant wand making workshop. Make a wand with arts and crafts that will enchant your friends. No muggles allowed!

Bell Ringing

With The Charmborough Ring

Ding dong! Learn the ropes of bellringing in this hands-on workshop where you will get the chance to ring bells on The Charmborough Ring's mobile bellfry.

Circus Skills

With CircusMASH

Try your hand at a variety of circus skills with Birmingham's CircusMASH.


Learn vital first aid skills.


Take your cake decorating to the next level, and create confectionary wonders that wouldn't look out of place in a Bake Off showstopper challenge! Learn to craft with sugarpaste to create delicious, edible cake decorations.


Grab a pair of roller skates for this off-snow skiing experience. It’s cross-country skiing – without the snow!

The Great Lipogram Challenge

Could you write a story without using the letter E? A poem without using the letter S? Take part in a series of writing challenges, all involving rules and constraints.

Central to this workshop will be the lipogram challenge in which participants have to rewrite a famous fairytale without some vowels.

Mask Workshop


This engaging and fast-paced session will introduce you to mask theatre, showing how to create characters, develop clarity in communication and devise original work. Vamos Theatre is the UK's leading full mask theatre company, taking its funny and fearless brand of wordless theatre across the length and breadth of the country and beyond since 2006.

Acting: Physicalising Character

How do you find the physical language of a character? Join a professional actor as she introduces you to the world of using movement to develop your performances.

Ensemble Macbeth

Inspired by bouffon clown and aspects of Jaques Lecoq's pedagogy, the workshop takes scenes from Macbeth and explores the text through the body; through the ensemble. This method of approaching the language puts play at the centre and opens up the story through the body.


Two explosive and comedic short plays written by Steven Berkoff, performed back-to-back by the same one actor.


Join award-winning dance company Motionhouse for an introduction to their pioneering form of dance theatre.

Breadmaking with Rugby Real Bread

Bready or not? Stop loafing about and get down to this fun and tasty workshop all about bread. Use blind-tasting to spot the sourdough, go on a roll and win some prizes, and rise through the ranks in the Big Bread Quiz to be the ultimate breadwinner. 

Comic Books

Join comic artist Wallis Eates as she guides you through the process of creating a story, characters and how the framing of a scene can have a massive impact on your storytelling. Specialising in auto- and biographical comic books, you will be shown how through this medium, stories can be told in vivid technicolour detail. 

Spanish Dancing

A fun, creative workshop where you will learn the art of Spanish dancing.

It's A Knockout!

Compete in fun relay races!

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