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1:45 PM Tate Gallery Talk Macready Theatre Join the Head of the Director's Office at Tate Galleries, Samuel Jones in a timely illustrated talk on the role of art in society Book now FREE
4:30 PM Blind Sight - Student Film Premiere Collingwood Hall Rugby School film students proudly present the world premier of a new film, a thriller set in a boarding school not dissimilar to this one… Book now FREE
4:30 PM The Comedy Club 4 Kids with student stand-ups Macready Theatre Join comedian Tiernan Douieb who hosts a special show featuring student stand-up comedians who have been developing their routines in today's workshops with the Comedy Club 4 Kids. Book now FREE
4:30 PM London-Midland Youth Orchestra TSR Join us for a very special concert conducted by Rugby School student Rob Arthur and featuring an orchestra of children from schools across the region. Book now FREE
6:00 PM Stomp with Student Stompers The 450 Performance Area Rugby Join us for a memorable performance as members of the world-famous percussion-dance-theatre sensation Stomp perform live with over 100 local school students at The Festival on The Close. Book now £10.00-£15.00
8:00 PM Comedy Night: Live at the Festival on the Close with Simon Evans and Guests The 450 Performance Area Rugby Comedy Night: Live at TFoTC with Simon Evans and a stellar line up of comedians including Zoe Lyons, Gary Delaney and Alasdair Beckett-King. Book now £15.00-£50.00

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